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Heavy Gauge Uncoated Carbon Steel Wok (30cm)

Heavy Gauge Uncoated Carbon Steel Wok (30cm)


Get cooking with the sturdy and durable Carbon Steel Wok from Dexam. Made with the highest quality 1.8mm steel, this wok has a flat base and is suited to use on all hob types. Able to handle any challenge that comes its way, this carbon steel wok has a gauge lacquer finish and can be used with metal utensils. Heating and distributing heat evenly, this wok is ideal for those enthusiastic home cooks wanting professional results every time. Get cooking and use a wok that can handle the heat and use this high-quality carbon steel wok from Dexam. This wok will require seasoning before use.


* Stay-cool Handle

* Designed with a flat base

* Made from high quality carbon steel

* Suitable for use on all hob types

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