Studies show that a weighted blanket like this one can help you sleep for longer and more deeply with fewer interruptions, and wake feeling more refreshed. This blanket's gently all-over pressure mimics a subtle human hug, applying something called deep touch pressure therapy (DTP) to your body to keep you still and calm. This pressure increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain, relaxing your nervous system to help reduce anxiety and stress. The blanket is specifically design to fit your body, not to drape over your bed, so it can be used on any size of mattress.

Weighted Gravity Blanket

Color: Grey
  • Weight                            6.8kg

    Dimensions                    3 x 150 x 203cm

    Colour                              Grey

    Wash Care                       Machine Wash

    Composition                   100% Polyester

    Features:  4 - layer construction,

                       polyester micofibre with

                       glass bead and polyester fibre fill, 

                       Hypoallergenic and ultra-soft.