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Weighted Sherpa Blanket (Blush Pink)

Weighted Sherpa Blanket (Blush Pink)


Warm, cosy and reassuringly comfortable. You can use this blanket on either the soft plush side for warmer days or have the fluffy sherpa side keep you extra snuggly. Studies show that a weighted blanket like this one can help you sleep for longer and more deeply with fewer interuptions, and wake feeling more refreshed. This blanket's gentle all-over pressure mimics a subtle human hug, applying something called deep touch pressure therapy (DTP) to your body to keep you still and calm. This pressure increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain, relaxing your nervous system to help reduce anxiety and stress. The blanket is specifically designed to fit your body, not to drape over your bed, so it can be used on any size mattress.


Soft and Cosy - Made with a super soft and fluffy Sherpa fleece with a soft and smooth plush fleece reverse.

Improved Sleep - Weighted blankets have been shown to improve sleep quality and reduce stress, the firm body pressure has a hug like calming effect, creating a sense of comfort and security while you sleep.

Reassuring Weight - Weighing 6.9kg, this blanket applies even pressure across the body.

Easy Care - This blanket can be machine washed as required.

  • Additional Information

    Weight: 6.8kg

    Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 16cm

    Size: 60x80" (150x203cm), 50x 60" (130x150cm)

    Colour: Pink

    Wash Care: Machine Wash

    Composition: 100% Polyester


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