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Top quality home essentials, including kitchenware and bed linen

Wide range of products

Do you need a new luxury duvet cover or soft bathroom towels? Perhaps you are looking for a quality frying pan, crystal glasses, a can opener or a tea set? At Duke Essentials in London, we're confident you'll find something that appeals, so visit our online shop to make a purchase, or call us for more information.

Same-day delivery in London

At Duke Essentials in London, we offer same-day delivery if you are located in London.


We also deliver nationwide.


Call us today to learn more or visit our online store to make a purchase.

Our home ware products, at a glance

  • Duvet covers and bed sheets

  • Bathroom towels and jacquards

  • Steel saucepans and frying pans


    Cutlery and can openers

  • Crystal glasses, tea sets and mugs

  • And more!


Contact Duke Essentials in London today.

Do you want to buy home essentials such as high quality 400 tread count sheets, or add a splash of colour to your bathroom with our soft bath sets from our Ripple collection?

At Duke Essentials in London you can buy a wide range of products for your home.

Call 07956 159526 / 
0207 3581704

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