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Ceramic Mug With Embossed Hearts (Set Of 3)

Ceramic Mug With Embossed Hearts (Set Of 3)


Drink your morning coffee with love using these Porcelain coffee mugs. These ribbed hearted Porcelain coffee mugs comes in three colours, light pink, light grey and beige. They are crafted from heavy-duty porcelain with a colourful heart embossed on each mug. Thick porcelain structure makes each mug durable and highly resistant to damage, i.e cracks/scratches/chips, stains, ordours and high temperatures, making it easy to clean. Shiny glazed finish gives extra protection to ensure the embossed pattern and colour do not fade.

  • Additional Information

    *  Material:  Porcelain

    *  Set of 3

    *  Durable, Scratch Resistant

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