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Cereal Bowls With Embossed Hearts (3 Piece Set)

Cereal Bowls With Embossed Hearts (3 Piece Set)


These Ribbed Heart Pattern Porcelain Bowls comes as a set  of 3, each of a different colour (Light Pink, Beige & Light Grey.) Serve your breakfast, lunch or dinner with love. They are crafted from heavy-duty porcelain with a colourful heart embossed on each bowl. Like any other bowl, these round porcelain bowls are suitable for many dining & serving purposes. Due to their deep & wide dimensions, and heat resistant surface, these bowls are suitable to serve individual/sharing portions of many hot/cold foods such as your morning breakfast. (Cereal/oats/porridge, lunch soup/pasta/salad or delicious desserts!)

Thick porcelain structure makes each bowl durable and highly resistant to damage i.e. cracks/scratches/chips, stains, ordours and high temperatures, making it easy to clean.

Shiny glazed finish gives extra protection to ensure the embossed pattern and colour do not fade.

  • Additional Information

    *  Material:  Porcelain

    *  Set of 3

    *  Special feature:  Durable Scratch Resistant

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