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Dexam - Forest & Forge 4" Cherrywood Paring Knife

Dexam - Forest & Forge 4" Cherrywood Paring Knife


Traditionally, a Pairing Knife was used to cut away the thin outer layer of a fruit or vegetable. 

Nowadays, it is a vital element of every kitchen, used for slicing and pairing small ingredients and for precise cutting tasks.

The perfect steel - The best knife blades are made from high chrome steel for sharpness and longevity, a high carbon level for maximum stainless quality, and a hardness (Rockwell 53:55) that allows the knife to survive in a hardworking kitchen. This Sheffield made knife is as sharp as the best combination of raw materials, skill and technology can make it.

About the wood - The knife handles are made with English native hardwood (beech, ash, cherry and horse chestnut) from managed woodlands from a small area near Malton in North Yorkshire, and often from gale-damaged boughs. The timber is processed by a team that has worked these woods for over 20 years.


* A delight to look at, to hold and, above all, to work with.

* Made in Sheffield.

* Designed to withstand usevin the modern kitchen.

* Traditional, tactile wooden handle.

* Wood sourced from managed estates in England.

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