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Geode Easy Care Absorbent Door Mat

Geode Easy Care Absorbent Door Mat


Finished with an attractive 3D design to fit with your decor and assist with keeping your home clean. This door mat can be used in entrances, utility rooms or any well travelled areas of the home that you want to keep clean. It's super easy to care for and live with thanks to the robust materials used in it's construction.

 DIRT TRAPPER: The polypropylene fibre surface helps catch dirt, mud and grit from your shoes or pets paws, keeping your floors clean and tidy. The absorbant fibres also helps keep floors dry on rainy days.

DURABLE & NON-SLIP: Our door mats are constructed with a no slip design, to keep keep kids and pets slip free.

EASY TO CLEAN: Simply vacuum with a hand held vacuum, sweep with a broom, or shake off outdoors or over your bin. For a deeper clean, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, or use a garden hose to rinse the mat outdoors. Allow your mat to fully air dry before next use.

HEAVY DUTY & LOW PROFILE: Heavy duty but low profile design that will fit under most doors without catching or curling, with strong stitched edges for an elegant and durable finish.

  • Additional Information

    Weight                     0.5kg

    Size                           60 x 40cm

    Colour                      Black, Grey

    Wash Care              Hand Wash

    Composition          100% Polyester

                                        Reverse, 100% PVC

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