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William Mason Mug, White 400ml (2 or 4 Pack)

William Mason Mug, White 400ml (2 or 4 Pack)


With a stylish coupe edge and embossed Ripple effect. The Mason Cash McWilliam Mason Mug is the perfect addition to any household. This mug measures 40 centi-litres / 400 mili-litres and is perfect for delighting in your favourite warm beverage. Made from high-quality, durable stoneware, this mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. The William Mason collection features a distinctive, embossed finish in soft neutral colours to create a timeless, elegant look that suits both classic and contemporary kitchens.


*  Brand:  Mason Cash

*  Material:  Stoneware

*  Colour:  White

*  Special Feature:  Durable, Resistant

*  Capacity 40cl

*  Style:  Coffee Cup

*  2 or 4 Pack


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