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Monochrome Bamboo Fibre Serving Tray (38cm)

Monochrome Bamboo Fibre Serving Tray (38cm)


Typhoon Monochrome range bamboo fibre serving tray is a generous 38cm diameter which is perfect for serving and display drinks, food or accessorising the counter-top. The bamboo fibre material has many sustainable benefits and features, Typhoon is dedicated to finding friendly solutions for kitchenware. The monochrome range tray is a classic black with chevron detail, tying in with the full monochrome range. Serving up anything from afternoon tea to party food with the Monochrome range tray, which is functionally round with carry handles for ease of use. The round tray can be easily wiped down with a cloth or washed with warm water.

  • Additional Information

    Product Length: 384mm

    * Product Width: 384mm

    * Product Height: 51mm

    * Dishwasher Safe

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