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Sock Shop Brushed Inside Bamboo Tights

Sock Shop Brushed Inside Bamboo Tights

£8.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price

Dense and warm for colder weather, yet more breathable, temperature and moisture-controlling than almost any other kind of fibre blend, these SockShop Brushed Inside Bamboo Tights will make your legs feel pampered as well as cosy, with a brushed fleecy lining, flat comfort seams and comfortable waistband.


These soft, touchable opaque tights are naturally better for your skin, even if it's sensitive or normally allergy-prone. The Bamboo-rich composition with its gentle, long rounded fibres allows these tights to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial, plus the rounded fibres of bamboo are less irritating to the skin.

  • Additional information

    *  59% Bamboo Viscose, 36% Polyester, 5% Elastane

    *  1 Pair Pack

    *  Fleeced inner lining, Flat seams,

       Extra gusset panel in larger sizes

    *  Naturally anti bacterial, Kind to skin,

       Thermo-regulating, Moisture controlling

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