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Typhoon Living Set Of 3 Chopping Board

Typhoon Living Set Of 3 Chopping Board


Typhoon Living chop boards come in a handy set of three sizes which is perfect when preparing food for a large meal. This slim-line design means that the cutting boards are easy to store away, and ideal for any size kitchen.

Typhoon Living set of three chopping boards are made from sustainably sourced bamboo which is a quick growing plant and great for the environment. Keep raw and cooked meats seperate from vegetables with the handy set of three boards which can be used for a multitude of ingredients.


* The set contains three boards, A Small, Medium and Large with lengths of 20cm, 25cm, 30cm             which is all you need to prepsre and serve.

* Handwash only



1 x Large (38.5 x 29cm) Chopping Board

1 x Medium (30.5 x 22cm) Chopping Board

1 x Small (20 x 15cm) Chopping Board


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