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World Foods Set Of 2 Rice & Soup Bowl Set

World Foods Set Of 2 Rice & Soup Bowl Set


Tuck into tasty East Asian-inspired meals with the Typhoon Foods Set of 2 Rice and Soup Bowls.

Specifically designed with mouth-watering soups and flavourful rice dishes in mind, this set not only features 2 x 240ml bowls but also 2 chopsticks and 2 traditional rice and soup spoons with a large, shallow basin that's perfect for sipping liquids and serving rice.

Made from durable ceramic stoneware with beautifully intricate design, each vibrant-coloured bowl perfectly retains heat, keeping your rice and soups hotter for longer.

  • Additional Information

    *  Product Length: 130 mm

    *  Product Width: 130mm

    *  Product Height: 65 mm

    *  Set of 2 bowls

    *  Handwash Only

    *  Avoid use of abrasive sponges

    *  Wash before first use

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